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San Francisco's premier resume service. Land your next role 4X faster.

No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

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Gain a HUGE advantage over your competition.

On average, Resume People® clients:

✓ Land 3X more interviews using their new resume

✓ Are offered their next position 4X faster

✓ Secure a 24% starting salary uplift from their current role

Our Career Development promotion is on now! Order your resume below and save 50% on our usual fee. Terms Apply.



Toll Free: 1-800-567-2352
Open: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday


95 Third Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103
By appointment only



Professional Resume writers in San Francisco

All of our professional resume writers based out of California report to our San Francisco office. We employ resume writers throughout California and our San Francisco office directly covers clients in San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Cruz and Montery.

Outside of the city we have resume writers working remotely covering areas such as Stockton, Modesto and Fresno.

Resume People have written thousands of resumes for clients across San Francisco, we take a highly personal approach, taking the time to research our clients' previous experience, understand their career aspirations then draft and design clean, professional resumes, guaranteed to secure interviews.

Resume Services available from our San Francisco office include:
Graduate Resume Writing Services
Professional Resume Writing Services
Management Resume Writing Services
Executive Resume Writing Services
One-To-One Interview Coaching
Targeted Cover Letter Writing
Academic CV Writing

Let us take the stress out of your next career move. Here's how our professional resume writing service works.


Get started with a FREE resume review, or select a resume package to start immediately.


Your writer will send you a link to their calendar to schedule your initial consultation call.


You'll be assigned the most experienced writer for your profession & career history.


Once your call is complete, the drafting starts. Expect your new documents in 3 business days.

4 steps to writing the perfect resume. Working with our team guarantees to get you hired faster!


STEP 1. Resume Assessment and Strategy Development


STEP 2. One-To-One In-Depth Consultation Call


STEP 3. Crafting Your Bespoke, Professionally Written Resume


STEP 4. Follow-Up Consultation Call & Document Revisions

At Resume People, we take a meticulous approach to crafting a compelling and targeted resume that aligns perfectly with your career goals. Our process begins with a thorough review of your existing resume, examining its strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Our key differentiator lies in our commitment to understanding your specific ambitions and the positions you are targeting. To achieve this, your assigned resume writer delves deep into the requirements of the roles you aspire to, ensuring they gain an acute understanding of the skills, experience, and achievements that matter most to prospective employers. They meticulously study job descriptions and relevant industry trends to ensure that your new resume is strategically tailored for success. Based on this in-depth analysis, they compile a report that outlines the essential elements your resume should showcase. This report serves as a roadmap for crafting an interview-winning resume that highlights your attributes in the most impactful way possible.

Once your target roles have been assessed, it's time for a personalized strategy consultation - a pivotal step in our process. During this one-on-one session, your resume writer connects with you directly (via phone or Zoom) to gain deeper insights into your career aspirations and unique strengths, including your key skills, experiences, and achievements. Our strategy consultation calls typically last around an hour (depending on how much information is required). They will walk you through their findings from Step 1, highlighting the requirements of your targeted positions and how your own experience aligns. This discussion not only provides you with a clear understanding of what the recruiters are seeking, but also helps you articulate your value proposition confidently during job interviews.

With a clear understanding of your targeted positions and a wealth of valuable insights gained from the strategy consultation call, your resume writer begins the process of creating your new resume from scratch. Drawing on their extensive industry knowledge and expertise, they dedicate an average of 8 hours to meticulously draft, target, design, and ATS optimize your resume. Our mission is to produce a document that not only meets the high standards of the 2024 job market but surpasses them. During this stage, your resume writer works tirelessly to ensure your resume ticks every box. They strategically incorporate the relevant skills, experiences, and achievements identified during the targeted position research in Step 1. By focusing on what matters most to employers, they position you as the ideal candidate, setting you apart from the competition.

At Resume People, our commitment to your success doesn't end with the delivery of your new resume. We understand that collaboration and continuous improvement are essential elements in crafting a truly outstanding application document. That's why we offer a follow-up consultation call and unlimited document revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. During the follow-up consultation call, your writer will discuss the newly crafted resume with you in detail. Their goal is to understand your perspective and any specific areas you feel could be improved or tailored further. We always value your feedback and believe that incorporating your insights is crucial to creating a resume that truly represents you as an individual. As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we don't impose any limits on revisions. We are committed to working on the resume until you are completely happy with the final result. Your assigned resume writer will address your feedback and make necessary adjustments, ensuring every aspect of the resume aligns perfectly with your vision and career goals.

No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

Why choose Resume People® and how does our service differ from budget resume re-write services?


Master Resume Writers

We boast a dedicated team of 65 master resume writers. Each project is carefully assigned based on their expertise, ensuring the perfect match for your unique career history.

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Strategy Consultation Call

Our consultant delves deep into your career aspirations, skills, experience and achievements, ensuring they have the required information to create you a world-class resume.

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100% US Based

Our entire team are US based and trained. We're true experts in the US market, covering 65 industries, including industry trends, hiring practices, and employer preferences. We never outsource work!


Unlimited Revisions

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we'll continue refining your new resume until it perfectly reflects your vision. There is no limit on revisions, and we eagerly embrace your feedback.

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ATS Optimized & Tested

Throughout the writing process, we conduct continuous ATS testing, ensuring every word adds tangible value and enhances your resume's visibility and effectiveness.


Interview Guarantee

Your success is our top priority, and we back it with our guarantee! If you don't experience an increase in interviews within 60 days, we'll re-write it completely free of charge.

No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

Keyword targeted & ATS optimized. We ensure every word adds tangible value, presenting YOU as the candidate of choice on every application.

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No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

Over 48,000 careers enhanced since 2011, read every review & testimonial here. We're proud to be America's highest-rated resume service 2017, 2020, 2022 & 2023.

No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

A meticulous, proven process that secures 91% of our clients their next interview within 28 days, rising to 98% within 60 days! Senior resume writer Christy explains what to expect when working with us.

No obligation. No credit or debit card required.

65 elite resume writers across 4 dedicated departments.

Work directly with a master resume writer who specializes in your profession, and crucially, at your career level. We only employ the industry's top talent with 65 expert resume writers working across 4 specialist teams.

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Our Career Development promotion is on now! Order your resume below and save 50% on our usual fee. Terms Apply.

Complete peace of mind with our triple guarantee.


60 Day Interview Guarantee

Your success is our top priority, and we back it with our guarantee! In the unlikely event that you don't experience more interviews within 60 days of using your new resume, we'll rewrite and retarget your documents completely free of charge.

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Full Money Back Guarantee

Changed your mind after engaging our service? Landed the job of your dreams before we start work on your documents? Offered a pay rise after handing in your notice? No problem! We offer a full, no-quibble 100% money-back guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer unlimited document revisions. This powerful guarantee allows you to engage our service with full confidence that you'll leave the process with nothing less than the perfect resume.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Do your resume writers have experience in my industry?
    This is extremely likely! Since 2011 we've grown our team to 65 specialist resume writers who work across 72 different industries. We've written in excess of 48,000 resumes for over 920 different professions. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: • Accounting & Finance • Administration & Office Support • Arts & Entertainment • Building & Construction • Call Centre & Customer Service • Community Services • Design & Architecture • Education & Training • Engineering • FMCG • Government & Defence • Graduate Programs • Hospitality & Tourism • HR & Recruitment • Insurance & Superannuation • IT & Telecommunications • Legal • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics • Media & Communications • Medical & Healthcare • Mining • Not-for-Profit / NGOs • Project Management • Real Estate & Property • Sales & Marketing • Self-employment • Sport & Recreation • Trades & Other Services
  • What is the current turnaround time if I order my new resume today?
    Our standard turnaround is 3 business days from completion of your strategy consultation call. This is typically scheduled for the business day following placement of your order. Express 1 & 2 business day turnarounds are also available.
  • How do I get started?
    To book in your resume, follow these steps: 1. Click the “GET STARTED” button on the package you wish to proceed. On the service page, click "Proceed to Checkout". 2. Complete your checkout. We accept PayPal and all major debit/credit cards including Apple & Google Pay. 3. Follow the link on your order confirmation page to create an account on our platform and upload your career history details. 4. Our team manager will assign your project and your resume writer will contact you to schedule your consultation call within 1 business day. Alternatively, call our onboarding team toll free on 1-800-567-2352 to order (Office hours: 9am - 5pm ET, Mon - Fri).
  • What happens when I've placed my order?
    On completion of your checkout, you'll be redirected to your account section of our site to provide some information on your career history and your target positions moving forward, this only takes around 5 minutes and allows us to assign the most experienced resume writer for your profession. Once complete, our management team will review this information and assign your resume writer, who will contact you to arrange a consultation call at a time that suits you. This is all done within 1 business day.
  • Who will be working on my resume? How do we communicate?
    We've cherry-picked the industry's top talent since 2011, recruiting an elite team of senior HR managers, veteran specialist recruiters and America's leading career coaches with over 400 years of combined industry experience. Our in-house recruitment and training program ensures our entire team possess an unmatched expertise in over 65 industries and are more than qualified to craft you a world-class resume, regardless of your industry and profession. We have 5 dedicated departments who work with clients at all stages of their career, from graduates to C-Level. The first stage of our process is to conduct a strategy consultation call with you. This can be a phone call or via Zoom (whichever you prefer) and typically lasts around an hour. Throughout the entire process you can communicate via phone, Zoom or online chat within your account. All of our resume writers are US based and work Monday - Friday.
  • Can I request revisions? How long will they take?
    Yes! Unlike budget services we don't limit your revisions. We strive to create the perfect resume for every client, and we don't stop working until that's exactly what you have. Your resume writer will deliver requested revisions by 5pm, the following business day, providing they have had the opportunity to clarify any extra information they require with you.
  • What's the Resume People® triple guarantee?
    Interview Guarantee While we can't guarantee an interview for a particular position (there's simply too many variables), we do guarantee that your interview to application ratio will improve significantly within 60 days of using your new resume. In the unlikely event that it doesn't improve, your resume writer will rewrite your career documents again and complete any necessary changes free of charge. Money Back Guarantee Changed your mind after engaging our service? Landed the job of your dreams before we start work on your documents? Offered a pay rise after handing in your notice? No problem! We offer a full, no-quibble 100% money-back guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer unlimited document revisions. This powerful guarantee allows you to engage our service with full confidence that you'll leave the process with nothing less than the perfect resume.
  • What's the difference between Resume People's premium service and a budget resume re-write service?
    When engaging a professional resume service there's typically two types of company you'll come across: Budget Resume Mills Price Point: $50 - $300 Resume Writers: Usually overseas freelance copywriters Volume: Hundreds of generic resumes per week Project Time: 1 - 2 hours Process: Re-write or edit the existing resume. Work from templates. No direct communication with writer or via email. Usually 1 round of revisions Bespoke, Premier Resume Writers - (Resume People) Price Point: $400 - $1,000 Resume Writers: Directly employed master resume writers & application experts. 100% US based. Minimum 10 years experience Volume: Work with a maximum of 4 clients per week Project Time: 10 - 12 hours Process: Study of target positions. Critique of existing resume and report compiled. In-depth Strategy consultation call. Resume written & design from scratch using only relevant skills, experience and achievements. Resume designed & formatted around the written content. Follow up consultations. Unlimited revisions If you are looking for a fast, budget service, a resume mill may be an option for you. However, the likelihood is you're probably best saving your money and writing it yourself using the free advice contained in our blog. These operators typically outsource to non-native English speaking countries where labour is cheap and quality is poor. They don't include consultation calls, and limit revisions, producing templated, rushed resumes, often littered with mistakes and not an accurate reflection of their clients skills, experience and achievements. With competition for jobs at an all time high, a bespoke, professionally written, ATS optimized resume is the only way to guarantee more interviews. This is the level of service you can expect when engaging Resume People®.
  • Do I require a resume or an academic CV?
    Our professional resume writing service fits the vast majority of clients. In America, a resume is the standard for the majority of professions. A resume typically means a document, usually spanning one to two pages in length, that gives a snapshot of your skills, experience and achievements. An academic CV usually spans 5 pages or more. They are generally used by academics, including doctors, lawyers, engineers, lecturers, etc. Sections would usually include publications, awards, research and teaching in addition to those found on a standard resume. As a rule of thumb, if you don't work in these professions and don't currently have these sections on your resume/CV, you don't require an academic CV and working with our professional resume writing team would be more beneficial than working with our academic team.
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