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The 4 steps to a perfect resume! Here's how we guarantee to get you hired faster.

Targeted Position Research

Firstly, it's important to understand that we're not a budget resume mill, and we don't just re-write your existing resume. After all, the reason you're here is because that resume isn't working! The mistake most job seekers (and even some professional resume writers) make is they continually add content to a resume that's lost its relevance and targeting as their career has progressed over the years. Resume People's point of difference is that we write your new resume from scratch, working in reverse by studying the positions (or job adverts within the same profession if you haven't shortlisted particular positions yet) that you wish to apply for as the starting point, then ensuring only relevant, targeted content is presented within your resume moving forward. This process creates ruthlessly effective application documents, giving recruiters exactly what they're searching for, without sifting through irrelevant, legacy fluff.

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In-Depth Strategy Consultation

Once we've seen the requirements of your targeted positions, we review your existing resume (if you have one) to see where it's falling short. This is where we identify the exact requirements for your new resume and doubles as our scope of work. At this stage, we complete a strategy consultation call with you (via video call or by phone), which typically lasts around an hour. We'll discuss your key skills, experience and achievements and how they are relevant to your targeted position(s). This also serves as great interview practice.

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Exquisite Writing & Design

On average, our resume writers spend 10 hours drafting and designing your new resume from the ground up. You won't leave our process with anything less than a world-class resume, expertly written and designed to the very highest standards, professionally optimized for the 2023 job market. Your resume gets an average of just 10 seconds to make an impact, and our resumes do just that! Immediately affirming not only your suitability for the role but presenting you as the perfect candidate of choice.

Keyword & ATS Optimization 

Applicant Tracking Systems! Aaaargh! Did you know that 3/4 resumes are never actually seen by the recruiter after ATS processing?! They're a recruiter's best friend and an applicant's worst nightmare! An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the software built into all major job boards, with 9/10 recruiters using them. They save recruiters time by parsing your resume and filtering out unsuitable applicants. Through our vigorous research and writing process, we guarantee your resume will pass the ATS for your targeted positions.

A premium resume service for job seekers serious about making their next career move. Here's how our service differs.

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Unlimited Consultation Time & Calls
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Unlimited Document Revisions
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65 Expert Industry
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100% US Based Writers & Support

A simple, easy process that secures 91% of our clients their next interview within 28 days, rising to 98% within 60 days! Senior resume writer Christy explains what to expect.

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